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Welcome to Ring Tailed Lemur Roleplay wiki! At this wiki, you can roleplay a ring tailed lemur in one of our four troops! And you can start the adventure by joining one of our four troops. Have a great time here at Ring Tailed Lemur Roleplay wiki!

ID CodesEdit

So we can keep track of lemurs in all of the troops, we have ID codes. This is how they work. I stands for Isalo National Park, where the lemur troops live. The next letter stands for what troop the lemur was born in. The next letter is either M for male or F for female. The lastly ID code ends with a three digit number which is simply allcoated consectuvitly. Here's an example: ITOF009

The I stands for Isalo National Park. The TO stands for the Torandos Troop. The F stands for female, and 009 means that the lemur was the ninth lemur to be indetified in the troop.

Here are the ID codes for each of the troops:

Trojans= TR

Tornados= TO

Kingdoms= K

Kailks= KL


 Roleplay TroopsEdit

Torandos Troop

Kingdoms Troop

Kailk Troop

Non Roleplay TroopsEdit

Navojo Troop

Trojans Troop(Will be roleplayed on March 25)


To keep things safe and fair here, we have a few rules that are simple to follow. One of the main rules is not to make your lemur talk. Another rule is that you should follow the roleplay. You must go to the Join page to join one of our troops. You can only have six lemurs(not including pups) per troop. Please read the Rules before roleplaying. Have fun!:D

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